Privacy Policy

security & privacy imageTypes Of Information We Collect:

We collect nonpublic personal information about you that is provided by you or obtained by us with your authorization to prepare your personal income tax returns and provide business/personal accounting services for you.

Examples Of Sources From Which We Collect Information:

  • CLIENT INTERVIEWS, TAX RETURN ORGANIZERS, AND FINANCIAL HISTORY QUESTIONNAIRES. We prepare your return based on information provided by you. This information is collected in written form, by phone, on line, by mail and in personal interviews and consultations conducted by us, as well as by information we gather from others with your authorization.
  • TRANSACTION INFORMATION. This is information about your transactions with us and includes information necessary for billing and payment for our income tax preparation and accounting services, as well as all correspondence between you and us. Transaction information would also include your payment history with us, billing records and any collection effort engaged in by us for payment of services rendered to you.

General Restrictions on Disclosure of Nonpublic Personal Information to Affiliates and Nonaffiliated Third Parties; as tax preparers, we are prohibited by Internal Revenue Code Section 7216 from disclosing your income tax return information without your consent, other than for the specific purpose of preparing, assisting in preparing or obtaining and providing services in connection with the preparation of an income tax return for you.

Confidentiality and Security of Nonpublic Personal Information; we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in compliance with applicable laws and regulations to guard your Nonpublic Personal Information.